Respect. What does that world mean to you? Every year across the globe, hundreds of thousands of women are discriminated. This is a dilemma that is happening all around us and is only getting worse. Women play a huge role in the world around us and have such big impacts, it blows my mind that […]

Title: Quarantine – The Loners Text Type – Novel Author – Lex Thomas   Quarantine, The LonersĀ is a book about a teenager called David and his younger brother Will. It’s Wills first year at Mckinley High School. The school year has just started and once school starts they find out that the school is contaminated […]

In the novel ‘Lord of Flies,’ William Golding tries to convey his message through the use of an important place. The place he uses it ‘The Island’ and he uses it to express the idea of isolation and how it affects human behavior. The book displays this influence because when the group of boys are […]

Day: The gravel below my bike makes a ‘crunch’ as I whiz into the car park. An enormous cloud of dust trails me as I park my bike, its charcoal black with slick green stripes that crawl up the sides. The wheels are grand yet worn out from the countless hours of riding. Gazing ahead […]

Quiet. The car park is quiet. Upon me is small building that is almost glowing. It has a fowl stench that pollutes the perfume of the air. I can hear sharp crunching beneath my feet as I approach the building. A dim light flickers vigorously.

The rough black item contains the identfication of an individual. Although the object itself has few physical uses, it has the power to let you go anywhere. Upon first glance you may see confusing colouruful patterns but they are the key to exploring new lands. This particular object will not serve a purpose to most […]

Ahead of me lied the ominous building. Underneath the bridge was a huge body of water. Within my vision I could finally see the factory. Upon first sight it looked creepy. Behind me was a gate which isolated me from the rest of the world. To my side was the railing of the bridge I […]