James, Const and Bronson – Text Conversation

Two truths and a lie:

Const: OK I’ll start: My mum’s from LA. I play badminton. I have eaten ants

James: I’d say ants

Bronson: Yeah, that’s what I think two. You guys there

Const: That’s right

James: OK. I once stole a glasses bag from a store I have a tradition of stealing candy from a candy store at the a&p show every year I once stole $30 from my parents and bought a bunch of subway cookies at Wanaka primary for lunch

Bronson: what even. I dont think that you stole a glasses bag from a store

Const: I dont know. im just gonna say the third one is a lie

James: It’s the last one

Bronson: Okay, my house is two storied, I lived in Christchurch for a year before I moved to wanaka, I used to own a dog called fudge

Const: second one is a lie

Bronson: James?

James: Last one

Bronson: I have never lived in chch. Twas a lie

James: Did u have a dog named fudge? I swear it was something

Bronson: Na, it was called fudge. Except she died 5 or 6 years ago

James: Well u learn something every day


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