Spoken Language – Two Truths and a Lie – Bronson (James and Const)

Bronson: Umm, Okay. Two truths and a lie. First one, I’m ambidextrous, second one…

Const: What does ambidextrous mean?

Bronson: It means I can wright with both hands and do act… things with both hands. Number two, I have a cat called Mojo. Number three, I have lived in Wanaka almost my whole life

Const: You’re not ambidextrous

James: You’re not ambidextrous

Bronson: Yeah that’s the right. That’s a lie

Const: Alright James, your turn

James: ughmm, uhh, I uhh. Um I once kept a praying mantis for three days then killed it.

Bronson: I can believe that

James: uhh, I once played Fifa for, fff four hours

Bronson: I can believe that

James: And I once drank my own piss

Const: That’s a lie, the last one’s a lie

Bronson: Yeah, I agree

Const: That’s just something you would make up, you know

James: Yeah uh, they’re all true. I forgot to put in the lie

Bronson: Okay next one

Const: You’re clearly and idiot, um I am from Austria, I have been in Wanaka since June and… What was I going to say. Um. Wait a second. I have shoe size nine and a half.

Bronson: I’m going to say that it’s you’ve been in Wanaka since June, I feel like it’s a different month. I don’t know I can just..

James: ooh fff, aw sh*t um ugh

Bronson: Just guess

James: Same one as Bronson, I can’t remember which one it was

Const: So which one’s the lie?

Bronson: The June

Const: That is correct

James: Yesss

Const: It’s July

Bronson: Good game guys

James: Good game

Bronson: Well played



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